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Photo Page

Here are some pictures of my rig
Some of the pictures are recent, but others are old. The sand pictures were taken in Silver Lake

The humble beginings of my Ranger

My new rims, roll bar, and lights

Posing for a hill picture

Here you can see the new and old

Here is my truck with the old 31in Yokohama MTs

Me at the North American Auto Show a couple year ago

This is what happens when your front axle breaks

This is my custom light switch panel that started as a dual gauge pod from Auto Meter. I covered the holes with a fiberglass mat kit.

After several hours, we got the new pump on. Word of advice, the fan has right hand threads!

I tried to put on an electric fan. My first atempts failed, so I am gonna try again when its warmer

The electric fan on, shortly before I took it off

Showing off....

.... then got stuck